In my element…

Yo, Blogland.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday. I’m flying the friendly skies today… so no big game for me. I’ll probably make it on my couch in time to see The Voice… whatever the heck that is.

I’m really kinda disappointed to be missing the game this year… I desperately want to see Madonna make a fool of herself. I used to be a big fan. But now she just comes across as snooty, fake and… desperate? Not saying I hate her…. there is still a chance she could roll out some good music. But that new single? Give me all your luvin’? Am I  the only one that expects something more edgy… more message-driven… more serious… from Madge?

Or is Lady Gaga the only remaining provocateur when it comes to pop music these days? No wonder Madonna doesn’t like Mother Monster.

In other news… the Patriots will win tonight. That’s this non-football-fan’s guess.

Now— onto the big news of the week! I’m smack dab in the middle of 8 days of work (two 4 day trips with one day off in between). And when it’s all over on Friday— I’ll be in my element. I’m heading to Vegas!

I love Las Vegas. I know some of my readers will blah blah and pooh pooh about it’s in-authenticity. And to that I say– if you want history, go to…. well, I don’t know.

I’m sure there will be late nights and loud music involved. There better be at least one hour spent at dueling pianos at Harrah’s. I’m sure there will be some slot machines played— only $50. That’s my limit for three days. Shows you that Vegas isn’t all gambling, all the time.  And of course I’ll make it to Ellis Island Casino and Brewery for their steak special. Hey, you gotta take advantage of one of the last remaining awesome deals in the city, right?

But perhaps the most fun I have planned is a road trip across the desert.

For sushi.

What do you mean, Nick? All of the world-class restaurants in Las Vegas can’t provide good enough sushi for your discriminating tastes? Well, no.

I was invited to Big Tuna Sushi in Lancaster, California back in October by an awesome friend. Well, actually the mother of a friend. But they’re both awesome. Story still applies.

The best sushi I’ve ever had. For $25, you sit at the bar and watch the chef make whatever you want. And then you keep ordering. Try ’em all! And the thing is, among the group of us last time, I must have tried 15 different things– there was only one item I didn’t like.

I’m beyond excited to drive 4 hours through the desert just for sushi. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. And then 4 hours back. Damn, I forgot that part.

So, who wants to meet me? Any Southern Californians up for Sushi night in Lancaster…. let’s say 5 PM next Saturday?

See you there!

I’ll even have a sneak peek copy of Pete the Popcorn with me! As you know, Pete is my new Children’s Book… arriving LEAP DAY. PETE DAY is LEAP DAY!

Check it out





3 comments on “In my element…

  1. Well, if you ever have the chance, please come to Japan and have the REAL stuff!! 🙂

    It would be neat if Pete could come over here, too! It’d be great to show you guys around! 🙂

    • Would LOVE to come to Japan!

      I’m sure the sushi would be like nothing I’ve ever even tasted here– I’d be so excited!

      Maybe this summer? Since I work for an airline, I think we fly to Narita for $50 or something!

      Always wanted to come but concerned about language barrier? What do you think?

      • This summer? That would be cool! (Am SO envious that you can fly over here for such a low price… maybe I’m in the wrong business!)

        Regarding the language, if you’re in the Tokyo area, you shouldn’t have too many problems. If you come down here where I am, there could be a few more obstacles… except that you’d have me around to interpret for you! 🙂

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