I’m stuffed!

So the juice fast is over. And I did it. And I won’t do it again– for that length of time, at least. I could handle five days– not two weeks. So mark that one off the bucket list.

To treat me for being good, Pete invited Joe and I to Cleveland, Ohio… to a gourmet popcorn and sweet shop! But after being on nothing but juice for two weeks— I could only eat a little bit of popcorn and I was stuffed! That won’t last long, I’m sure.

Campbell’s Sweet Shop is awesome! And I decided while we were there to scratch another item off my bucket list– to produce a mini documentary!

We learned how popcorn is popped… how to pop the LARGEST puffs of corn… how to make popcorn balls… and how they put together all those crazy flavors!

Here is the video!

The better news is this: we will be joined by our illustrator, Kathleen Smith Waters, on March 17th from 9 AM to 1 PM at Campbell’s for an in-store signing! Please spread the word and come out to see us, Cleveland!

Readers, please visit http://www.PeteThePopcorn.com to join TEAM PETE! Our BOOK BOMB and RELEASE DATE is 4 WEEKS FROM TODAY. And if you’ve ever read this blog, I need your help so bad that day!

More adventures soon! Oh— and I booked something that will scratch my 3rd bucket list item off the list. Details… soon.



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