Readings and Signings

Yesterday was a very exciting day for Pete the Popcorn!

We booked our first readings at schools— and one more reading/signing at a Gourmet Popcorn Shop!

Of course, we will be adding these public dates to our Book Tour Schedule soon, so you can come out and see us!

If you would like the authors of Pete the Popcorn to come to your school, church, organization or event– all you have to do is ask!

We will be happy to provide a reading of the book and a short presentation on the importance of Children’s Literature and the process in which Pete the Popcorn came about.

For more information our to inquire about a date, please email us at

We have more travel posts scheduled very soon… plus a wrap-up to our Crocodiles and Monkeys adventure!

In the meantime, please share with your family and friends… for this to be a success, we need you!

Talk to you soon,

Nick and Joe



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