On Pins and Needles…

I just can’t wait for February 29th.

When Pete the Popcorn was just an idea… everything moved so slow.

And then for the past month or so, everything has moved so fast.

And I just know that the next month is going to move… so… slow… because I HATE waiting!

This week, we will receive our first official proof copies of Pete the Popcorn. Upon our approval, it will be available for purchase on Amazon.com

And then we have to order copies of the book, order signage and table coverings, a popcorn machine, a helium tank for balloons, start booking dates for shows and in general just BE BUSY.

All of this leads up to our BOOK BOMB DATE on February 29th– don’t forget to tell your friends that PETE DAY is LEAP DAY!

If you haven’t gone to our website in the past few days, go see all the changes at www.PeteThePopcorn.com

There are page previews, a great article on Book Bombs, new color schemes, a great popcorn pattern by our illustrator and pattern professional Kathleen Smith Waters and much more.

Including the official Pete the Popcorn VIDEO TRAILER!

Here it is on YouTube:

I would be so grateful to everyone for passing along this clip. It tells a lot about Pete and how much your kids will LOVE IT!

Talk to you very soon,




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