Take Your Kernel To Work Day…

Hey everybody!

Pete here! Joe and Nick let me write another blog post.

I am so happy and excited today– I can’t believe it! I got to go on an airplane!

Nick told me that today was National Take Your Kernel To Work Day… so all of us little popcorn kernels could go see what happens at work.

Nick works on the airplanes and took me on a flight with him from Detroit, Michigan all the way to Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

Here I am, helping Nick set up the beverage cart for service:


And then I got to sit on top of a tray table and look out the window! There is snow on the ground here in Iowa— did you know they grow a lot of corn in Iowa?


The plane was pretty empty– so Joe let me have a whole aisle to myself while Nick was working on the airplane.

Here I am smiling at Joe, who took the picture from the row behind me.


To cap off a really exciting day, I get to stay in a hotel room for the very first time!!! It’s super cool– like the biggest house with the most rooms you’ve ever seen. And the best part? Each bed has 4 pillows— and look what they left for us— POPCORN!!!

So now Nick and Joe tell me that I might have the opportunity to do more traveling around before my book comes out on February 29th!

They said if anyone that reads the blog volunteers to keep me for a night, that they would send me to you— so that I could get photos taken all over the country! Anybody interested?


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Pete the Popcorn


5 comments on “Take Your Kernel To Work Day…

  1. Send that little Kernel to Utah and he will see some real snow with us in Park City….maybe we’ll even show him the great Salt Lake which I’m sure he’ll love since there is nothing kernels love more than salt 🙂

  2. If you send him to me, I can take pictures in front of the White House and other DC monuments, etc… Also, in front of the National Institutes of Health. Let me know if you want me to do this.

  3. Send Pete to Mississippi, would love to show him some southern hospitality 🙂

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