What an Adventure! PART THREE– The Finale!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about our upcoming book tour for Pete The Popcorn yesterday. Hope to see some of you in person during the coming months.

Our readers have been waiting on pins and needles for the conclusion to this crazy cruise story from 2009… so here we go!

Despite the recent saga of the Costa Concordia, cruise vacations are my favorite by far. You can do anything you want, meet new people, keep in touch with the ones you like, have nice meals that you wouldn’t purchase on a land vacation and see ports that you would not normally make a vacation destination.

If you have not gone on a cruise for fear of sea sickness, being bored, too many old people, too much food, etc. Take the plunge, take advantage of a great deal— and GO!

A flight attendant once told me that she has no desire to go on a cruise because all there is to do is eat. False. While there is food readily available, they are not force-feeding you. Like at home, you eat when you’re hungry. The food is usually so amazingly tempting that you do usually end up eating more, however.

I do have a theory about my cruise vacations thus far: people either love us or hate us on cruise ships. Why? Because we have fun, we participate and… let’s face it: we’re a bit loud. We make the cruise more fun for the crew members while enhancing the experience for those that know how to let loose.

Wig Parties? Check. Sharing smuggled drinks poolside? Check. Making dolphin noises so everyone runs to the side of the ship? Check. Volunteering for the belly flop contest? Check. Getting hypnotized by a guy that clearly didn’t know what he was doing? Check. Making friends with entertainers and dancers from around the world? Check.

A typical cruise schedule for me:

Wake up. Eat Breakfast. Cocktails by the pool from 9 AM to 3 PM. Nap from 3 PM to 6 PM. Cocktails. Show. Cocktails. Dinner. Cocktails. Nightclub. Repeat.

Unless it happens to be a port day. In port, we typically take a private tour, with some sort of adventure aspect: river tubing, visiting crocodiles and monkeys, cruising on a pirate ship, climbing waterfalls, etc. On the rare occasion that we’re in a repeat destination, we take full advantage of the empty ship and empty pool.

But my favorite aspect of cruising is meeting new people. I have a thousand pictures like the ones I’m about to share. And a thousand stories to go with them. But these photos will give you a feel about how you can totally make a cruise vacation WHATEVER you want it to be!

The Group of Bad People We Met On The Trip

Sure, there were about a million ninety-year-olds with wheelchairs. But the age groups kinda stick together and do their own things. Not to say we haven’t met quite a few older people over the years and hung out with them for the length of the cruise and have since kept in touch… By the way, you’ll notice ONE of the co-authors in the above pic. Just one.

Ivy Sneaks Into Every Picture

Poolside fun = great pictures. And our little traveling doll seems to find her way into every shot.

Poolside Fun

You see that orange drink in the picture? My best cruise secret— crystal light and vodka. I make a big batch over ice in the morning (in a brand new plastic Dollar Tree wastebasket that I purchase for each cruise)… and sip and share it all day long.

You Shoulda Seen the Wave After!

One great thing about Nick— he doesn’t care about making a little fun of himself, as the picture above clearly demonstrates.

Ashley, Alicia and Jessica

These three were quite possibly the most fun group we’ve ever ran into on a cruise. Complete strangers at the beginning, we were seated together at dinner— and we still keep in touch to this day. Crazy stuff.

Nick Doesn't Even Know What to Do

I'll Dress Up--- Only If You Feed Me Lobster

The only thing slightly irritating to me about cruises is formal night. I know you don’t have to do it— there are lots of dining options available. However, if you want to eat lobster, ya’ gotta dress up. Because that will not be one of the buffet choices.

Don't Ask.

By the end of the evening, photos like this usually end up on my camera. I don’t know why. I don’t even know what was happening here. I do know that the girl in the photo looks eerily similar to television’s Ugly Betty.


So, what’s my point? Go on a cruise. You’re officially invited to go with me next time. I guarantee you’ll have a blast. You just might end up in some compromising photos on a blog some day.

Have a great day! And please don’t forget to GO LIKE PETE ON FACEBOOK! I’m thinking we will have 300 LIKES by the weekend… and I LIKE THAT.




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