A Book Tour of Sorts

Pete the Popcorn is being released on Amazon.com on February 29th, 2012. We all know that because I TELL YOU EVERY DAY.

What happens then?

We are hitting the road! For the rest of the summer, we are intending on visiting a different festival every weekend, to sell and sign copies of Pete. If anyone knows of a good camper van or small camper for sale, let me know. Because I don’t know how far my little Sebring Convertible and sleeping in seedy motels is going to get us.

Here are tentative dates and stops for our 2012 Pete Tour:

March 17th-18th: Gibraltar Trade Center –  Taylor, Michigan

March 31st-April 1st: Shipshewana on the Road – Sylvania, Ohio

April 14th-15th: Shipshewana on the Road – Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

April 27th-29th: Maple Syrup Festival – Vermontville, Michigan

May 5th-6th: Tulip Time Festival – Holland, Michigan

May 12th-13th: Zellwood Sweet Corn Festival – Zellwood, Florida

May 24th-26th: Popcorn Festival – Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania

June 7th-10th: Bavarian Festival – Frankenmuth, Michigan

June 15-17th: Strawberry Festival – Belleville, Michigan

June 22nd-24th: Howell Balloon Festival – Howell, Michigan

July 7th-14th: National Cherry Festival – Traverse City, Michigan (Keep Your Fingers Crossed— negotiating to get in!)

July 20th-22nd: Jackson Balloon Jubilee – Jackson, Michigan

July 27th-29th: St. Clair Riverfest – St. Clair, Michigan

August 4th-5th: Allen Park Street Fair – Allen Park, Michigan

August 9th-12th: Popcorn Festival – Van Buren, Indiana

August 17th-19th: Sweet Corn Festival – Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

August 24th-25th: Sweet Corn Festival – Urbana, Illinois

August 29th-31st: Sweet Corn Festival – Millersport, Ohio

September 1st-3rd: Popcorn Festival – Casey, Illinois

September 7th-9th: Popcorn Festival – Marion, Ohio

September 15th: Apple and Popcorn Festival – Brookston, Indiana

September 21st-23rd: Clinton Fall Festival – Clinton, Michigan

September 28th-30th: Popcorn Festival – Clay County, Indiana

October 6th-7th: South Lyon Pumpkin Festival – South Lyon, Michigan

October 13th-14th: Apple Festival – Oak Harbor, Ohio

October 17th-20th: Pumpkin Show – Circleville, Ohio

Now here is where you come in— if you have friends or family in any of these locations, let them know that we are coming!

Keep in mind that these dates are subject to change. But these are the shows that we are targeting… only the best and busiest!

Look for our tent– we will be handing out popcorn and balloons to all the kiddos. Along with Pete the Popcorn buttons, too. And hopefully there will be a big lineup of people to purchase the book.

Don’t forget to roll on over to www.PeteThePopcorn.com to JOIN TEAM PETE and support this dream.

Talk to you soon!



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