What an Adventure! PART TWO.

Yesterday, we left off back in Los Angeles– heading for the Princess Sapphire.

I’ve been on Princess Cruises twice now– and it is very nice. Nick drinks one of their signature drinks, The Beverly Hills Iced Tea like they are actually iced tea. Not good.

On a Private Tour, Mazatlan

One of the worst aspects of any cruise vacation are usually the shore tours offered through the cruise line. So many people from the ship book them, and you are usually loaded like cattle into huge buses that are overcrowded and uncomfortable. And when you need to listen to the guide talk to learn something, you can’t hear because of the sheer amount of people.

We have always booked private tours in advance, with other smaller groups of 6-10 people… or just on our own. Heck, sometimes we’ve been known to find a guide on the pier and have them show us what their daily life is like in whatever far-flung location we’re in.

On this cruise, we left our cameras on the ship in Puerto Vallarta, because we were going to an all-inclusive resort for the day. We simply wanted to relax, drink and swim– with no camera gear to worry about. And it was a great decision– it was  a beautiful day… just no pictures to show for it!

The above shot of me was taken on a private tour that we scheduled in advance in Mazatlan, Mexico. We were picked up from the cruise, taken to a private beach bar, served lunch and unlimited cocktails and given three activity passes. We chose to go on the banana boat ride twice (go ahead– make your jokes. It was fun!) and horseback riding. I wasn’t too fond of the horseback riding… but Nick sure was:

Little does that horse know what he's in for...

That poor, poor, poor horse.

After we were done with the beach bar, we loaded back into a smaller boat and headed out to see Seal Island, a large rock island off the coast of Mazatlan where the seals just hang out all day. It was awesome to see so many seals in the wild.

Seal Island on Mazatlan.

I love seeing the cruise ship from a distance. Reminds you of the large vessel you’re traveling on… and how much work and money goes into operating it:

The Sapphire, our home for 7 days.

I was very struck by the large rock formations that jutted up from the sea all around the Mazatlan coast.

White and Black Rock, Mazatlan

And these large birds were everywhere in Mazatlan! I didn’t think I would capture this shot– even with our professional cameras. But you never know until you try— so when you’re on vacation, keep snapping away!

Wings Over Mazatlan

Setting sail from Mazatlan that evening, we saw tons of dolphins from the ship. If you’re on a cruise, be on the lookout for sea life! Just because you’re on such a huge ship doesn’t mean you won’t still see them. We’ve seen whales, dolphins, turtles and more….

Dolphins from Deck 14


Our next port took us to Cabo San Lucas. I’ve since returned there, but this was my first visit. I had an amazing time– we went with two friends from the ship into town, had an amazing Mexican breakfast… and then went parasailing. Well, I didn’t parasail. But Nick did. He had done it before and apparently he wasn’t too impressed:

Nick before parasailing.

Although he tried and tried to talk me into going, I just wouldn’t. I’m too chicken and nervous in my old age, I guess. However, I was more than happy to just ride around the boat, watching the others… and they only charged me $5 to ride along.

There goes Nick. I was secretly hoping he'd wind up in Mexico City.

After our little boat adventure, it was off to… the beach bars!

Nick is a professional at this:

All he had to do for a free shot was a strip tease for three women. No shame!

And this looked like way too much fun… so I had to join in.

And all I had to do for free shots was smile and look pretty.

This sign said it all… and it was a perfect ending to a perfect day in Cabo San Lucas!

Reminded me of a Jimmy Buffett Tailgate...

So I think that’s enough for one day.

This adventure is going to have to turn into a three-parter.

I hate to leave you with a cliffhanger ending, but it’s Sunday… and the last stories and photos are just too wild for Sunday!

Check back tomorrow, when we will be unveiling our PETE THE POPCORN BOOK TOUR dates!

And then come back on Tuesday for PART THREE of our Mexican Riviera cruise adventure.

In the meantime, go visit Pete on Facebook! He will be so happy to see a new face.

Have a great day,





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