What an Adventure! PART ONE.

So finally I’m going write a blog post.

Our travel posts seem to be the most popular, so I’m going to tell you a little story about an adventure that took place in Spring 2009.

I was living in Maui, Hawaii at the time and I was itching to get away. Now, before you start in about living in paradise… let me tell you that island fever is very real. So, when people live somewhere as beautiful as Hawaii, they still need to get away.

We were attempting to travel on airline pass benefits from Maui to Las Vegas, where we would stay for a few days and then do a one-way car rental to Los Angeles to catch a Princess Cruise to Mexico. Well, we quickly were reminded that traveling for free has it’s drawbacks.

After the first segment, Maui to Kona on the Big Island, there were no more seats for our second leg to Seattle. (After Seattle, we were flying Alaska Airlines down to Vegas… in a perfect world.) So there we were– stuck in Kona.

Joe bamboozled this nice ride for our day in Kona.

The first step was to get a car and find a place to stay. My mouth being the mouth that it is, I took the lady at National Car Rental a box of chocolates from Maui. And then proceeded to tell her that my Mom worked at a car rental agency for years and years and years. Well, my Mom is a nurse.

The nice kapuna (Hawaiian elder) working behind the counter signed me up for National’s Emerald Club. And she added about 50,000 bonus points, allowing me to choose whatever car I wanted from the lot. And that’s how we ended up with a Red Mustang for the day in Kona.

We didn’t realize how large the Big Island was in comparison to Maui. So leaving at 8 AM for Volcanoes National Park didn’t really give us a whole lot of time. But the drive was great and we made it in time to see the entrance sign and turn around, to catch our flight to Los Angeles (we decided to forgo Seattle and pay a few bucks extra and head straight to LA).

I thought it was the real housewife, not the bird.

I will admit, when I saw the sign above, I did think it was the Atlanta Housewife, not the endangered bird.

By the way, does anybody like my outfit? I was trying to look local.

I'm sure Nick is losing here.

So we made it to Los Angeles and proceeded to National Car Rental (again!) and I didn’t even have to lie this time. All the bonus points the nice Hawaiian lady added allowed us to choose a car again. Well, actually we didn’t choose it– but the kid working the counter at 5 AM went out and chose for us– a white Mustang this time.

I climbed in the passenger seat and let Nick take the wheel, headed for Las Vegas. I’m told it was a beautiful drive.

I won the slot tournament! A whopping $20! But it was at Ellis Island.

We had read online about Ellis Island, one of the last places in Vegas to get Prime Rib and a whole damn meal (with a beer!) for like $5. So of course, we went.

After eating, I joined a slot tournament and placed high enough to return that night for the finals. I won! $20! Every other damn slot tournament I’ve ever seen, the winner gets at least $500… but I think I only paid $1 to enter.

Look at this suite!

So I take advantage when something goes awry. And you should, too!

A cocktail waitress at the Rio (where we were staying for like $19 a night) spilled an Appletini (yes, I was drinking them) all over my brand new shirt!

As a recurring theme, my mouth being the mouth it is, I went to the front desk and let the manager know. He told us to wait downstairs for about 15 minutes and then gave me a new room key, along with free dinner and drink vouchers that lasted our whole stay.

When we went upstairs and opened the door, I swore I heard harps. Not only had all of our stuff been moved, but the room was huge! A sitting room, two bathrooms, a kitchenette/bar, a huge jacuzzi and a view of the strip.

I'm a moron.

So, this is what people who aren’t used to such luxuries do when they finally get such luxuries. They put too much soap in the tub and act like an idiot.

By the way– notice the cup at the bottom of the picture? I always travel with my Magic Bullet Blending Machine! It makes the best cocktails on cruise ships, because you can blend up all the fresh fruit in your cabin. So I started early in Vegas!

Our trip to Las Vegas flew by… and it was only the beginning.

Nick drove me back to the Los Angeles area. Again, I’m told the drive was beautiful. Sleeping? Or passed out? You be the judge.

And we returned the rental car at 5 AM before departing for San Pedro to embark on the Sapphire Princess Mexican Riviera cruise.

And that’s all you get for today. Be sure to read tomorrow for PART TWO, where I’ll talk about all the cruise adventures.

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(Not bad for my first blog, huh?)

Love you all,



4 comments on “What an Adventure! PART ONE.

  1. Island fever is very real! My uncle lived on big pine key, fl (just a few keys north of key west) for 20+ years. He now lives in new port Richie, fl b/c he “got sick of the same weather evey day”. Ha! I was can totally see being ready to hop off the island. The first part of your trip sounds like an awesomely fun bungled mess! U guys landed in poop and came out smelling like roses!

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