A Texas Wedding

And… I’m back.

Sorry, folks. After New Year’s Eve and my thrilling night of politics, I was off like a prom dress to Houston, Texas.

Not sure if I mentioned it here before, but me being the man of many talents that I am, I do wedding photography and video, along with my Flight-Attendant-Blogger-Children’s-Book-Author existence.

So last Thursday, Joe and I flew into Houston, Texas. We were met at the airport by Joe the Groom. Joe the Groom took us on some errands with him and then we met Liz the Bride for lunch.

Christopher’s is a casual, family-owned chain of Italian restaurants in the Houston area. And the lasagna knocked my socks off. Don’t ask my English friends about lasagna. But that’s a whole other story.

About 45 miles outside of Houston lies the small town of Liberty, Texas. And it was everything I had hoped for and more.

The four days I spent in Liberty gave me a whole new outlook on the state of Texas and the folks that live there.

First of all, they were friendly as can be.

Second of all, after visiting, I really could picture myself living in a small town. It was so quiet when I stepped outside at night that it was quite hard to believe.

Third, Liz the Bride was INSANE! Insane in a VERY GOOD WAY.

For example, this was one shot I snapped during the Father/Daughter dance at the reception:

Oh yeah... a choreographed father/daughter dance!

I’ve never seen anything like it— and I loved it. Liz is a dance instructor, so she had dances set up for her and her bridesmaids, her and her mom, her and her immediate family— and the best one, pictured above.  Her Dad was a hoot.

Liz followed my best advice to brides. I always tell them to forget about the details of the day— just live it. Live it and let the experience flow through you so that you actually enjoy your day.

Here is one quick photo of me…. which doesn’t happen often.

We do something kinda unique at all of our weddings– we conduct fun and heartfelt interviews with the bride, groom and wedding party. Then we edit them all together and create a funny and moving segment that really enhances the final wedding DVD.

Liberty, Texas: Thanks for an awesome weekend! If y’all will have me back, I will bring Pete the Popcorn books to sell!

Speaking of Pete the Popcorn, I received some of the final pages and the cover art late last night. And I’m getting more and more excited to share Pete and his special lesson with you all.

Don’t forget to like Pete on Facebook.

And go JOIN TEAM PETE. By joining TEAM PETE, you’re letting me know that you’ll be purchasing a copy of the book on February 29th, which is our book bomb date.

Talk to you soon.

Later this week, I will be tackling my very first Bucket List item for 2012.




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