New Year’s Adventures.

I have a theory: however my New Year’s Eve turns out, that’s how the rest of the year will go, as well.

If my theory holds true, 2012 should be a blast!

I spent my New Year’s Eve flying (for work, not pleasure) and ended up in Traverse City, Michigan. I tend to bid on trips at work that include at least one long layover, so I can go out to explore a city and also hang out with the pilots, if they’re not weirdos. It just so happens that I was scheduled to be off this year for New Year’s… But I haven’t worked a New Year’s Eve in about six years, so I thought this layover might be a good time.

It turns out that Traverse City is quite a happening spot on New Year’s Eve. In lieu of a gigantic crystal ball, the good folks in Northern Michigan have lighted a monster-size Cherry with a gazillion lights, which then “drops” from a crane at the stroke of 12.

It was a great night. And I was reminded again about the great people in the awesome state of Michigan– I’ve never met so many people inside of bars that were just looking to have a great time. No drama. No fights. Laughs all around.

My goals in 2012 are to make money, have fun and be healthier. Well, I started off the first hours of the year with two out of three. Alcohol is NOT healthy, Nick… Especially boxed wine.

While lounging in the hotel jacuzzi prior to hitting the town, I met two lovely ladies all the way from Canada… And we got to talking about Pete the Popcorn, my first Children’s book being published on February 29th, 2012.

They were super excited for me and promised to not only purchase a copy, but tell all of their friends, as well. We will be keeping in touch through that modern marvel Facebook and I will definitely keep reminding them of Pete as the release date draws near.

And I hope they follow through on their promise to tell people about Pete. Word-of-mouth, as you know, is the best form of advertising available. I’m really hoping that my circle of friends and their larger circle of friends, along with the social community that I’m building through this blog, will come through for me and help make Pete a success! Remember, if I only sell 300 copies on the February 29th book bomb date, that should be enough to propel Pete onto Amazon’s Top 100 list.

I read a very interesting blog post just the other day, by Luc Carl. That’s Lady Gaga’s ex. You already know him, if you’ve heard the song You and I. He’s the cool Nebraska guy.

Anyway, the blog talks about how great it is when you hear someone talking about you. And how much sweeter it is when a third person talks to the second person about you, as well. It means that whatever project you’re working on, is on it’s way to success… Or that you’ve found yourself in a tabloid. Which is highly doubtful for me, because I have not slept with any Presidential candidates as of late.
Go check out Mr. Carl’s blog and his new book, The Drunk Diet. It’ll be good for a few laughs and I’m sure you’ll learn something, too. If only I could get my hair like his...

For now, though… I have to pose the same question he did: Will you be my second person? Go out and tell somebody about Pete the Popcorn. Put it on your Facebook page or tweet it or link to my blog in your own. I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate it. I’m looking to have 300 people on Team Pete by February 29th… And you can help me get there. Send people to and tell them to join TEAM PETE and support this fledgling, first-time author.

A final Happy New Year,



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