Crocodiles and Monkeys! Part Two.

Last week, we learned about our visit to the monkey farm.

There seems to be some confusion– these were wild monkeys. They just know that when vans show up loaded with fat people and cameras, there will be food. So the monkeys come down from the trees and smile for the cameras for a nibble of cookies and bananas. Fair trade, if you ask me.

Now— onto the next part!

Costa Rica was just plain gorgeous.

On the way from the monkey farm to the crocodile farm, we stopped at a little tourist trap where I actually learned some stuff. In the photo above, I am pictured (in the middle!) with our guide Astrid, on the right. On the left is a nice Costa Rican man holding a noni fruit.

If you’re not familiar with the noni fruit, go to Costco. There in the vitamin-voodoo-vitality aisle you will likely find a bottle of noni juice. It supposedly helps you lose weight. My Mom did it. She did better on the cabbage soup diet.

Anyway, it was great to see this weird-looking fruit. And it stunk to high heaven!

Another view of the Noni:

I don’t know why… but Joe or Lexi or myself, even… we tend to make fools of ourselves whenever a camera comes our way. Three very quick examples:

That was fun. And as soon as I took that picture above, a Japanese tourist got into the same exact pose!

In Costa Rica, we met Astrid– and we’ve never, ever had a tour guide that knew how to play along with our humor like she did. She even took her own silly pictures:

Now, onto the crocodiles!

Our tour required us to walk across this bridge:

And then we looked down… and saw:

I felt a little bit like that cute little Asian boy from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. “Hey lady! You call him Doctor Jones!”

I shuddered to think that soon we would be in boats… next to these cute little guys. Don’t I look excited?

And then we were on the boat!

And we were all very excited to see some crocodiles!

Well… almost all of us.

The first Croc we saw is supposedly the largest on the river. He was scary huge. Yet, Lexi decided it would be a whole lot of fun to reach out and touch!

The scariest part of the whole excursion was how we would be cruising along and suddenly one of these monsters would just emerge from the dark water— and you had no warning as to when it would happen.

I really didn’t want to see anybody lose an arm on this trip, as exciting as that story would be to tell on a blog. Hey! Anyway, our driver was apparently a stuntman, too. Because he took this scrumptious-looking chicken breast, crawled on the muddy land… and…

Ew. That was so scary. But I give the guy tons of credit. And I gave him a $5 tip for the show.

Here is a little baby croc– they hang out on the riverbanks way back into the maze of tributaries that run in the area– if they stay in the main river, they won’t survive. This little guy was about a foot long.

In the end, Costa Rica was amazing.

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Nick (and Joe)… (and special guest Lexi.)

Readings and Signings

Yesterday was a very exciting day for Pete the Popcorn!

We booked our first readings at schools— and one more reading/signing at a Gourmet Popcorn Shop!

Of course, we will be adding these public dates to our Book Tour Schedule soon, so you can come out and see us!

If you would like the authors of Pete the Popcorn to come to your school, church, organization or event– all you have to do is ask!

We will be happy to provide a reading of the book and a short presentation on the importance of Children’s Literature and the process in which Pete the Popcorn came about.

For more information our to inquire about a date, please email us at

We have more travel posts scheduled very soon… plus a wrap-up to our Crocodiles and Monkeys adventure!

In the meantime, please share with your family and friends… for this to be a success, we need you!

Talk to you soon,

Nick and Joe


Flowers and Plants.

Of course we like to take pictures.

Family portraits. Weddings. Senior Portraits. Models! We’ve done it all.

But the most fun is looking at something we all see everyday and getting a little bit closer.

Today, I just wanted to share a quick gallery of just flowers and plants.

The majority of these photos were taken in Costa Rica this past November. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hey! Don’t forget to check out the newly revamped Pete The Popcorn website!