Bucket List: Camp… for a Week… with Diverse Friends

Everybody is probably this way.

But, I marvel on an almost-daily basis about the wide range of crazy, nice and diverse friends I am lucky to call friends.

The best thing for me is when these friends happen to come together. I love watching the way they interact. I laugh at the stories they tell. And I relish the new memories that are made when friends cross-breed. I mean, get-together.

So, this bucket list item is going to combine friends… with something else.

I love camping. It just seems like I can never go for more than 1 or 2 days. So this year, I will go camping for a week, with a bunch of friends hopefully joining me.

Last year, we had a “Wig Party” at Put-in-Bay, an island in Lake Erie. If you’ve never been to.. or heard of.. Put-in-bay, there’s a ton to do. Wineries, bars, lighthouses, historical monuments, shopping, great restaurants. And camping.

Here is a YouTube video, showing some highlights of the island.

Anyway, back to the Wig Party! About 20 friends met us on the island for a day of fun— and we all wore wigs! It was a blast and the 2nd Annual Wig Party is scheduled for July!

Here are some Wig Party Pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So here is my Bucket List item for today:

We will be camping at Put-in-Bay from July 8th through the 15th. I want you to join us. I want as many friends as possible to come stay with us or book their own stay for a night or two during our stay. I want my friends to inter-mingle and create a camping experience that I will never forget.

More importantly, I want as many people as possible (strangers, friends, family, blog readers) to join us for our 2nd Annual Wig Party… on Saturday, July 14th, 2012. Mark your calendars now. Come hang out for the day, we will start at the campground and do wineries and pool bars and anything else that pops up.

We will be staying at the State Park… and can have 4 additional people per night in our cabin. First come, first served.

Let me know!

Just to recap…

2012 Bucket List

1. Complete a 2-week juice fast.
2. Attend a “Destination Party”
3. Produce a Mini-Documentary
4. Camp for a Week… with Diverse Friends.
5. Coming Friday, December 30th
6. Coming Saturday, December 31st
7. Coming Sunday, January 1st


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