Bucket List: Attend a “Destination Party”

This year, I want to attend a “Destination” Party… somewhere that I’ll have to fly to, stay a few days… and just have a blast.

There are a few that have caught my eye over the years. I’ve actually been to one of these, but I absolutely feel that I missed the total effect and need to do it again.

Which one of these should I choose? Anybody ever been to any of them? Any Destination Parties that I’m missing?

The Holi Festival of Colors?

My friend Joel posted this on Facebook a few weeks back… I have to say it looks pretty darn fun. If not a bit messy. but messy is good, right?

Fantasy Fest in Key West?

This is the one I’ve been to before. In 2004. But it was so last-minute that I had NO costumes, no money saved up for relaxation and good libations… and I was nervous about making flights back to work. Me thinks I need to do it again— and do it right, this time!

Mardi Gras in New Orleans?

I haven’t done it. Unbelievable if you know me, right? I’ve always wanted to do this…but it always kinda sneaks up on me. Give me some feedback, folks.

Burning Man?

I’ve heard a lot about it. I’ve always wanted to do it. I met a ton of people when I lived in Maui who had gone. And everyone— I mean everyone— raves about it.

So, I need some help! Which one do I do. I mean, eventually I will do them all. But which one do I do THIS YEAR?

I know some (Burning Man) are more involved than others. And some are more expensive for hotels, etc. (Fantasy Fest). And some are just a one-day thing (Colors).

So, what do my readers think? Your comments will definitely help with my decision.

Anybody want to form a group and go together?

More Bucket List… coming tomorrow!!

Just to recap…

2012 Bucket List

1. Complete a 2-week juice fast.
2. Attend a “Destination Party”
3. Coming Wednesday, December 28th
4. Coming Thursday, December 29th
5. Coming Friday, December 30th
6. Coming Saturday, December 31st
7. Coming Sunday, January 1st





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