Church Under the Stars…

A few posts back, I talked about Bucket Lists. Add this to yours— I already did it.

When I lived in Hawaii from 2007 to 2010, I attended church at Keawala’i Congregational Church in Makena, Maui, Hawaii.

The church is more than 100 years old and sits oceanfront, on a quiet little bay. When someone in the church family passes away, a canoe rows out onto the bay and scatters flowers (and ashes, as the case may be) in a beautiful ceremony.

However, the most moving and memorable service I have had the honor of attending was Christmas Eve in 2007. The moon was full and the breeze was light. And there were hundreds of people lined up on chairs in the lawn in front of the church.

Every visitor that I had on any given Sunday was almost required to go to church with me… unless they were opposed in their firm beliefs for whatever reason. The service is given in Hawaiian and English and couldn’t be more beautiful.

But the Christmas Eve service under the stars is something that everyone should see… just once. It is a serene, moving and spiritual moment in time that you won’t soon forget.

When I’m ready for retirement, I would love to move back to Maui. And hopefully make Christmas Eve at Keawala’i a tradition for my friends and family.

A fun Christmas story is coming tomorrow.

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