Christmas Traditions…

With only six days to go before Christmas, I started thinking about Christmas traditions.

When I was growing up, every Christmas Eve would be spent at my Grandparents house. My younger cousin and I would get the most gifts, of course. And there would be food galore. And all the older people would be drinking whiskey— Kessler’s Whiskey– my Grandpa’s favorite.

This picture was taken before my time… well, I guess I could have been a cute little baby at the time… but nobody can put a date on this particular shot.

Anyway, after the family gathering on Christmas Eve, my Mom and Dad would take me to Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at the Church.

Magical Christmas morning would come soon enough (after my Dad would stay up and watch the Pope give his Christmas Mass… with a beer in his hand (my Dad, not the Pope).

Early on Christmas morning, my older brother and sister would arrive… in my early years, by themselves… in later years, with nieces and nephews. And the wrapping paper would fly.

My Mom would always make Spanish-style rice and eggs with sausage because it was a favorite of my older brother.

It seems that most of these traditions have gone away. Family has drifted for whatever reasons. My Grandparents and my father are gone, replaced by beautiful memories and stories in my head.

I’ll still go to Christmas Eve Candlelight Church with my Mom… but that’s about it.

What kind of Christmas traditions can you tell me about?

This week, I would like to share a few more from the past few years of my crazy life. But it would be nice to read how others have spent this most important of Holidays.

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Talk to you this week… theme Christmas.




One comment on “Christmas Traditions…

  1. Dad, not the Pope 🙂 I chuckled on that one.
    When I was learning Italian in high school and college, I watched every Papal Mass and blessing on Italian TV… While most of my family is not even Catholic, my Catholic grandmother took me to church often when I was a kid and I knew most of the service order, which made these special Masses a great opportunity to practice my Italian skills.

    I love the picture, too… something of a time that passed by, and while it’s way before my day, I do feel a certain nostalgia for it.

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