To the Adventurers…

Do I consider myself an adventurous person?

If adventure is defined as taking risks, trying new things, breathing through travel, eating any new food someone puts in front of you, having the will to put your talents out in the world to see if you can make a buck off the things you love to do and accepting challenges when they arise… yes.

I had a “LIKE” on two of my posts last week that really made me happy. Once I went and read this girl’s blog, I was even happier. Go check out Lesley Carter. You’ll be glad you did.

One post and philosophy of hers struck me in particular. We’ve all heard of “Bucket Lists”. Frankly, I thought the concept was pretty dumb. Don’t we all want to try everything in life? But Lesley took the concept of a “Bucket List” and multiplied it— she makes a “Bucket List” every year. Go see her list!

I like this– setting some things you want to experience NOW— not before you die. Because, do any of you know what date you’re going to die? I sure don’t. So why not set a “Bucket List” in the short term? Accomplish what you can RIGHT NOW simply because none of us know how long we have to get it done.

As far as my “Bucket List” goes… I have to think about this one for a few days. I’ll get a final list posted before the end of the year, I can promise that much. Do you have one? I would love for you to share it with us.

In the short term, I can tell you for a 100% fact that the Number One item on my list for 2012 is going to be cracking the TOP 100 on as a first-time author.

I’ve only got one chance to do this. And I only need about 300 friends, family or followers to commit to helping me on February 29th, 2012. Please go on over to and JOIN TEAM PETE.

It’s weird to put a goal or “Bucket List” item completely in the hands of others. But I’m hopeful that this one can be accomplished.

In the meantime–  thank you, Lesley Carter, for inspiring folks around the world to share their adventures both big and small and go live life.

Talk to ya later,


By the way, here is a photo from a very recent adventure of mine. We’ll save the story for a later post.


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