Encouraging Art

If there is one person that has been the single most encouraging person while writing and following through with getting Pete the Popcorn published, it is my friend Debbie Garrity.

Debbie runs her own blog here and her own Etsy shop here. She is a wonderful artist and keeps herself very busy. Like me, she is a big believer in that old adage that goes something like this, “keep throwing stuff against the wall, and eventually something is gonna stick.”

Debbie is not afraid to try new things… or stick with things she’s been doing forever. And she has recently had a very successful run on her whimsical polymer clay creations. And Debbie certainly deserves it.

Debbie encourages art. She encourages it among her friends, her grandchildren, in her studies and everywhere she goes.

When we were talking about Pete one day, Debbie made this:

I thought this sculpture of Pete, sitting at his desk, reading his very own book, was just awesome.

If you and your families and your kids fall in love with Pete the Popcorn as much as I think you’re going to, I’m sure you’ll be creating Pete artwork of your own.

Whether it’s something as professional as Debbie’s creation… or something as simple as a child’s drawing, we would love to see a picture of it!

Be like Debbie and encourage your kids to make some art… even if it doesn’t have anything to do with Pete… and send us a story or a picture to PeteThePopcorn@gmail.com We will have a blog post in the coming months featuring some of your stories.

Take care,






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