How Much Will Pete the Popcorn Cost?

Hey all,

First things first: We have a new follower…

Go check him out. He’s pretty funny. Then again, I do find English humor much more funny than American humor.  Every cruise I go on, I meet all these people from England and find myself wondering if I used to live there in a previous life. Enjoy!

Now, on to the subject at hand– little popcorn kernels!

I think Pete did a very nice job with his first blog post yesterday. He will be writing again very soon!

There are two questions that I have received more than any other since announcing Pete earlier this week.

Number One: How much will the book cost?

Our list price for the book is $14.99. When you purchase the book through, they typically discount their books by 28%. Which means that Pete the Popcorn should sell on February 29th for somewhere around $10.80 per copy. If you buy three copies, you should get free shipping… something to think about if you’ll be filling Easter baskets just a few weeks later…

When we sell our books at festivals, trade shows or other such events, we will generally be selling the book for $12 per copy.

And if you buy it in the book store, expect to pay $14.99, the price listed on the book.

Number Two: What is the age range for children?

I don’t believe this question has a standard answer— I really don’t.

I think a librarian would tell you that this book is intended for kids between the ages of 5 and 7.

However, there are some large words in the book. We designed the book to not only reinforce reading skills already acquired, but to allow the reader to learn more words to add to their vocabulary.

And you know your kids– you know what reading level they are at.

Besides, if you know Joe or I— you know this book is going to have massive personality,  humor and some little tricks for adults, too.  So even if you don’t have kids, you know you want one for yourself!

And our illustrator, Kathleen Smith Waters, has turned Pete into a real character– you’re going to absolutely love him! I think Pete the Popcorn stands a chance of becoming one of those Pop Culture Books that parents pick up for themselves and their kids!

We will all find out on February 29th— when you will all be placing your orders for a March 9th delivery!

Talk to you soon!




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